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Fools! Idiots! Imbeciles!

Tarja | Summer Breeze Open Air 2011, Germany

Animated Meme: Sidekicks (9, 10 &11/?)
   ↳Yao, Chien Po & Ling  (Mulan)

We never rob. We just sort of borrow a bit from those who can afford it.

Die fantastische TARJA ist im Mai wieder auf “Colours In The Road-Tour” und kann es kaum erwarten mit ihren Fans zu feiern. Seht selbst! 

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Within Temptation  |  Hydra  (2014)

I do feel there’s a certain vibe from beginning to end. What binds it is we had a different kind of production that fits with every song. It’s more organic. The strange thing about this album and the previous one has to do with the fact that we utilized a different way of writing. In the past, we had really big writing blocks. We would get stuck halfway while writing the songs. On the last two albums, we had a different approach. We could write anything we liked. We felt more freedom. While on the older albums, we always had a vision of how we should sound. Now, it was like, “We’ll write the songs and see how they’ll fit together or not”. We might have to work a little bit longer on new songs or other music. Somehow, it all glued together. There weren’t really any songs that didn’t work on the album. So, we were very lucky. Apparently, this works for us very well.”  Sharon den Adel